The Companies Commission of GHANA(WEALTHY RESOURCE INTERNAL OR WRI) is a statutory body which regulates companies and businesses. WRI which came into operation on 16 october 2004, is a statutory body formed as a result of a merger between the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and the Registrar of Businesses (ROB) in ghana.

The main activity of WRI is to serve as an agency in  gold mining  and  marketing  general merchandise, export  and import. The  company  is  currently seeking  for joint  venture in a  surface  mining in ghana, the  company  gold concessions  situated at  aniynam in the  eastern region of ghana and  also a parcel of  gold  concession at  Bogoso in the  eastern  region. We have  also  acquire lincese to  to sell gold  out side  ghana and that  is  what we  are  looking  for prospective buyers in   a large quantities, which  we  promise  to do transparent  and  honest business                                                                                           The  company also looking  food  beverage product to  be  represented in ghana and cot e de lvoire and probably escaped to other west african states. We need each products as ,Energy drinks  Baby foods, milk product etc,                                                                                                       EXPORT                                                                                                                 We export traditional  kente  cloth from ghana , tyle and dyle cloth,ghana  cocoa chocolate.and  also the  company wealthy resources international, is  a gent  for leci   herbal laboratory of  oriental Bio co. Ltd base  in thailand  produce miracle herbal for men  and  women.we are  in  process of  distributing the  herbal products in Ghana and  the rest  of  west  African state and  we  are  also looking  for outlet  agent  in rest of  african state.


                                                 VISION                                                                                                                               WRI VISION STATEMENT

“Meeting business needs through effective registration, information, regulation and advice”

Meeting Business Needs
WRI is driven to meet business needs which includes providing greater value proposition through quality products and services with excellent service delivery.

WRI aims to achieve operational excellence in all the activities it undertakes.  This requires SSM to be effective as an organisation whereby resources are optimised and objectives are accomplished on a timely basis.

Registration, Information, Regulation
In becoming the leading corporate regulator, WRI will concentrate its efforts to building a solid foundation in its core functions. Our target is to achieve unparalleled standards in these three areas.

A new dimension of focus aimed towards enriching the business community by providing value adding business advisory services.